A new bromance brewing in Philadelphia?

Updated: August 16, 2015 at 12:59 am by Brady Trettenero

According to Czech outlet Idnes.CZ, recent Philadelphia Flyers additions Michael Neuvirth and Radko Gudas recently had their first training stint together. It didn’t take long for the two Czech players to hit it off.

According to the report, Gudas was unleashing cannons from the circle, with the speedometer clocking his shot in at a whopping 162 km / hour (100.6 MPH). To get an idea of how hard that shot is, Shea Weber won hardest shot at this year’s NHL skills competition with a bullet that clocked in at 108.5 MPH.

“He has a really big blow, hit me twice and it really stung. I must say that Gudy certainly belongs among the bashers,” said Michal Neuvirth appreciatively.

Gudas also took time to praise Neuvirth in their first training stint together. “Michael is a great, he’s got all the angles covered. He moves well and stopped all the shots I took — except for one.”

They were happy to pose for their first joint photo and although they were both a little shy at first, it didn’t take long for them to hit it off.

“Radko is a cool dude, so I’ve heard.I think that will suit me as a person,” praised Neuvirth.

“Michael is a great guy. I have a good feeling,” responded Gudas.

The two Philadelphia Flyers additions met in the arena Letců of Letňany. “I came here to play with my friends and then learned that Michael was there. I was happy about that,” described Gudas.

“With Gudy we knew each other only by sight and this was really a coincidence. I’m really happy for him We’ve chatted about Philadelphia and agreed that we will have a good year and a great team,” said Neuvirth.

The Czechs will be in Philadelphia for the new season, represented in all positions, with superstar Jakub Voracek up front, Gudas on defense and Neuvirth in goal.

Voracek ended up playing a big role in Neuvirth choosing to sign with Philadelphia.

“I was very tempted to play with him. Philadelphia is in a great position and he is currently the best Czech hockey player. I think all three of us are excited,” said Neuvirth enthusiastically.

While Voracek is guaranteed a spot on the Flyers’ top line in 2015-16, Gudas and Neuvirth will have to work for their ice time.

“I guess I’ll start as a duo [with Steve Mason], but the season is very long,” said Neuvirth. “I already have some experience and know what I’m getting into. I will continue to work hard and the chances will come. And when it comes, I must not let go.”

The Flyers 2015-16 training camp opens in 34 days.

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