Claude Giroux doesn’t care about the Stanley Cup Final

Updated: June 13, 2015 at 6:27 pm by Brady Trettenero

World Hockey Championship gold medalist and Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux talked with TSN recently about the significance of Hockey Canada’s ‘Gold Gives Back’ festival, the importance of paying it forward to the next generation and more.

“Our goal was to win gold and nothing less.”

When asked about winning gold at the World Championships being seen as a consolation prize to not playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Giroux responded how most NHL players would’ve responded.

“Obviously you want to be playing in the playoffs still. We had a chance to represent our country and go to the World Championship. The whole experience was great. Just to be back with the guys and celebrating, it was really nice.”

Giroux was asked about what these types of gatherings mean to him personally.

“Hockey Canada does a really good job of the gala and the golf tournament and all that kind of stuff. It’s good to be here and it’s good to meet the World Junior players too. It’s good to just be able to talk about their experience.”

TSN asked Giroux about a photo that was tweeted out featuring Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid and what it meant to him to be surrounded by such greatness at an event like this.

“It’s good. Obviously, Wayne is uh…Wayne, so just to be around those kind of guys you can learn a lot from them, even off the ice.”

Giroux was then asked about the new Flyers head coach Dave Haxstol and whether or not he’s spoken with him yet.

“Yes, I did meet with him. He looks like a great guy. Obviously knows his hockey, so it’s always exciting to have a new coach and be able to learn from him.”

And it wouldn’t be a Claude Giroux interview unless the captain throws in something funny at some point.

He was asked if he is the type of player who watches the Stanley Cup Final or if he can’t watch because he wishes so badly he could be there.

“Yeah, I don’t really follow it. I hope they both lose, but I don’t know, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

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