Del Zotto to make cameo in Goon sequel

Updated: July 23, 2015 at 5:47 pm by Sean Cobourn

A week after inking an extension with the Flyers, Michael Del Zotto is set for a move to the St. John’s Shamrocks.

Noted best friend Tyler Seguin will also make an appearance with him.

‘Goon: Last of the Enforcers’ will be released sometime in 2016.

Tim Thomas makes a brief cameo in the first Goon, walking behind Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber) off the bus before the game against the Highlanders.

Former Flyers forward Mike Ricci could also be seen as a Highlanders skater several times.

Both of Doug Glatt’s (Seann William Scott) teams in Goon were loosely based off the Flyers: The character of Doug Glatt plays for two teams in the movie: The Orangetown Assassins, who wear orange and black uniforms; and the Halifax Highlanders, whose logo is the letter H with a dot on the right side and wings on the left. Both are allusions to the NHL team Philadelphia Flyers, who have a similar logo and wore a similar style of uniforms in the past.

The last Flyers to appear in a movie aren’t wearing orange and black anymore. Matt Carle, Scott Hartnell, James van Riemsdyk, and Ian Laperriere (assistant coach) made an appearance in ‘This is 40.’

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