Flyers Potential Trade Targets: Forwards

Updated: June 4, 2018 at 1:51 pm by John Gove

In part two of our three-part series on potential trade targets for the Philadelphia Flyers this offseason, we take a look at some forwards throughout the National Hockey League that Ron Hextall and company should pursue.

Part one, where we focus on goalies, can be found here.

Mike Hoffman

Age: 28

Current Cap Hit: $5,187,500

As well all know, things in Ottawa are a mess right now. The Senators will certainly be fielding phone calls about a bunch of players this offseason. Besides for Erik Karlsson, Mike Hoffman will be the best players Ottawa could look to deal away. Hoffman would be a perfect addition for the Flyers on the wing. He has been a consistent 20-plus goal scorer for the past four seasons and would provide Philadelphia with some extra firepower on offense. Hoffman is also on the books for two more seasons, giving whichever team obtains him some extra time with the Kitchener, Ontario native.

Max Domi

Age: 23

Current Cap Hit: $863,333

Arizona’s Max Domi becomes a restricted free-agent this summer, and the Coyotes might be looking to give the former 12th-overall pick a fresh start somewhere else. Domi recorded 52 points his rookie season but has failed even to match that production the past two years. The young winger still has a ton of potential and could benefit from being a part of a new organization. Due to his underproduction, the Flyers could get away with paying a small price, and this could turn into a low-risk/high-reward deal. If that is not enough motivation, it has been reported that the Penguins have interest in Domi. It would be a sweet feeling to prevent that from taking place.

Charlie Coyle

Age: 26

Current Cap Hit: $3,200,000

The word around town is that the Minnesota Wild are looking to shake up their roster this offseason. There are two players the Flyers would be smart to kick the tires on. We will start by talking about Charlie Coyle first. Coyle is on the books for two more seasons which would give Philadelphia an extended look at him before having to decide whether to extend him. If healthy, he should provide somewhere between 40 points and 50 points a season. He is coming off surgery on both wrists but is expected to be fully recovered by the beginning of next season. This news could lower his value slightly which would, of course, benefit the Flyers.

Nino Niederreiter

Age: 25

Current Cap Hit: $5,250,000

Nino Niederreiter is another name out of Minnesota that should garner some interest. Aside from having one of the coolest names in hockey, he can be relied upon to contribute somewhere around 20 goals a year. Unfortunately, Niederreiter is on the books until 2022 which could certainly make Ron Hextall hesitant about pursuing a trade. Four years with a $5.25 million cap hit may be something he isn’t interested in doing.

Sam Reinhart

Age: 22

Current Cap Hit: $894,167

Sam Reinhart is a name that keeps popping up in trade rumors, and Ron Hextall should engage in serious talks with Buffalo about acquiring him. Reinhart is a restricted free-agent this summer which means the Flyers would have to trade for his rights and then provide him with an extension. This move would be completely worth is as Reinhart is only 22-years-old and is coming off the best season of his career recording 25 goals and 25 assists. The Sabres may ask for a first-round pick in return, and the Flyers should feel comfortable in doing so.

Jeff Skinner

Age: 26

Current Cap Hit: $5,725,000

Jeff Skinner is another one of those players that always seems to be apart of the rumor mill. Though he has experienced his up-and-downs, Skinner has the potential to provide a real boost in the offensive end of the ice. He’s 26 with just one year left on his current deal. The only thing holding the Flyers, or any other team back, is Carolina’s asking price. It could potentially be too high.

Joshua Ho-Sang

Age: 22

Current Cap Hit: $863,333

Up to this point, nothing has gone right for Joshua Ho-Sang and the New York Islanders. No matter who you feel deserves the blame in this situation; it is clear that both sides would benefit from moving on from one another. Ho-Sang has the potential to be a true game-changer in this league if given the opportunity. Hextall would be smart to given his divisional foe a ring and see what it would take to bring the young Ho-Sang to Philadelphia.


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