Jakub Voracek: “This team is too good not to make the playoffs next year”

Updated: May 30, 2015 at 8:06 pm by Brady Trettenero

Philadelphia Flyers elite top-line forward Jakub Voracek went 1-on-1 with Flyers.NHL.com columnist Jay Greenberg, giving his thoughts on the season and projecting his outlook for 2015-16.

“It sucks,” the 25-year-old said when asked about the disappointment that comes with not making the playoffs.

“Obviously you don’t want to finish the season on April 11th. That’s not the way you draw it up when you enter training camp before the season, but like I said, we have to learn from it and use it as an excuse next year to make the playoffs. We dug ourselves in a big hole at the beginning of the season and we couldn’t get out. We have to have a good start next season. Learn from last year and hopefully it can pull us forward.”

When asked about his individual success in 2014-15 (career-high 81 points), Voracek was quick to give credit to his linemates.

“I’m fortunate enough to play with one of the best players in the NHL. You know ‘G’. I think Raff when he played with us, he was very good as well.”

Voracek went on to talk about the hard work he put in during the 2014 offseason that helped him rise to elite status the following season.

“I had a good summer. I was working really hard to try to get to that next level. I got that this year, but it’s going to be even harder next year.”

Voracek is optimistic about the tight-knit core the Flyers have in place.

“We’re going to be one-year older. Smarter, stronger and more experienced. When you looks at Coots and Brayden Schenn, they are still guys that are very young and have been in the league for the last four seasons. We got Simmer. He had an outstanding season as well. He could’ve been runner-up for MVP of the team if he didn’t get hurt in the end. We got one of the top-five goalies in the NHL.”

The 22-goal-scorer feels very confident with the team chemistry and the bonds within the locker room.

“I like the locker room because we have a really tight group. We hang out a lot together on the road and I think that’s really important.”

Voracek on the importance of making the playoffs next year.

“There’s a lot of passion in this organization. From the fans, players, general managers to coaches. Every single guy in this organization isn’t satisfied that we didn’t make the playoffs, but I’m not worried about that next year because this team and this group is too good of a team not to make it next year.”

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