Lecavalier not retiring “under any circumstances”

Updated: June 18, 2015 at 4:05 pm by Sean Cobourn

Vincent Lecavalier’s agent Kent Hughes says the forward will not be retiring during the duration of his contract that ends in 2018.

Ron Hextall said there’s been no buyout offer submitted yet either.

If the Flyers hypothetically bought out Lecavalier, his cap hit would be $2.533 million till the end of the 2017 season, $2.033 million for 2017-2018, and $533,333 until 2025.

So during the summer of 2015, you’ll have to pray for a miracle that Ron Hextall can unload his contract in a trade, which seems highly unlikely.

No trade would happen till after July 1st, when Vinny receives a $2 million bonus.

Bill Meltzer points out another option for the Flyers would be a mutually agreed contract termination: Lecavalier is owed a $500,000 bonus installment on July 2, 2016. Thus, to walk away on that date (assuming he had already figured on 2016-17 being his final season) would mean walking away from $2.5 million. Agreeing to contract termination with the Flyers on July 2, 2015 would mean walking away from $5.5 million. The player would have to very strongly covet his immediate unrestricted free agent freedom and be willing to sign a steeply discounted contract elsewhere to pursue that avenue this summer. 

Thanks to $6 million in salary from the Flyers and $4.76 million via the Tampa Bay buyout, Vincent Lecavalier was the 7th highest paid player in the NHL last season. Vinny has made more than $98 million playing hockey, so I would hope he’d step away from a bad situation over $5.5 million this summer, or at least $2.5 the next.

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