Q & A with Matt Read

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(This article was originally created January 31st, 2013)

Name: Matt Read

Number: 24

Position: Right Wing

Height: 5′ 11″

Weight: 190

Shoots: Right


Flyers Nation:  Who was your NHL team growing up?

Matt Read: “My favorite team was the Colorado Avalanche.”

Flyers NationDo you have any personal goals for this season? 

Matt Read: “It’s hard to make personal goals in a shortened season, but one is to be in the plus side of plus/minus. Be a major contributing factor in a winning season.”

Flyers NationAre you afraid of bears too?

Matt Read: “Only under the right circumstances.”

Flyers NationWhat do you like the most about Philadelphia?

Matt Read: “The best thing about Philadelphia is the fans, it’s a pretty crazy place to play any sport, but the fans make it special for the players.”

Flyers NationGrowing up were you always looked at as a stand out type of player and on a different level than everyone else? 

Matt Read: “I was considered a late developer and was always just another player on every team.”

Flyers Nation:  What are your favorite memories about playing at Bemidji State?

Matt Read: “Favorite memory about Bemidji State was making it to the Frozen Four.”

Flyers Nation:  Pat’s or Geno’s?

Matt Read: “Geno’s”

Flyers NationWhy’d you choose #24?

Matt Read: “Out of the numbers left my rookie year it was my the next best choice.”

Flyers Nation:  What was your favorite moment playing in Philadelphia so far?

Matt Read: “Favorite moment was playing in the playoffs last year. Playoff time is the most exciting time of the year.”

Flyers Nation:  What does it mean to be a Philadelphia Flyer?

Matt Read: “It means more then words to be a Philadelphia Flyer. Its a dream come true putting on the uniform every night and being a part of a special group of guys to take part in Flyers history.”

Flyers Nation: You played with Sodertalje SK during the lockout, do you have any favorite experiences or moments from that?

Matt Read: “I got to reunite with one of my best friends and roommate from Bemidji State, Emil Billberg.”

Flyers NationDid you attempt to grow a lockout beard like your teammate Scott Hartnell?

Matt Read: “Started, lasted about three weeks until I went over to Sweden.”

Flyers NationWhat’s it like knowing most of Bemidji is following your play in the NHL? 

Matt Read: “It’s pretty special to know the love and support from all the fans in Bemidji, I have heard there are a lot of Orange jerseys in the stands at Bemidji games.”

Flyers NationWhat’s it like being on the first line with Simmonds and Giroux right now and scoring your first NHL hat trick?

Matt Read: “It’s crazy to think that I have the opportunity to play on the first line right now, but I know it can be taken away or the lines can change as quickly as they did when I was put on that line. I just need to show and prove I can maintain this position.”

Flyers NationDid you ever envision playing on a NHL top line so fast when you were in college undrafted? 

Matt Read: “I always had the first line as a goal of mine, but it doesn’t matter what line you play on, you have a role every night and if you’re on the first or fourth line, my goal is to be the hardest working guy on the ice.”

Flyers NationAny particular teammates you’re closest with on the team?

Matt Read: “We have a great group of guys on our team and I hangout with most of the guys, but the main guys that I’m closest to are Claude Giroux, Wayne Simmonds, and Zac Rinaldo.”


Thanks to Matt Read’s agent Neil Sheehy for letting this happen and thanks to Matt for answering some of the questions our followers and likes asked. 

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