Q & A with Scott Hartnell

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(This article was originally created November 3rd, 2012)

Name: Scott Hartnell

Number: 19

Position: Left Wing

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 210

Shoots: Left

Born: April, 18, 1982 – Regina, SK, Canada


Flyers Nation: Do you think the lockout ends before the season’s a bust?

Scott Hartnell: “I think there will be hockey this year.  The game is the best it’s ever been and can’t wait to get back on the ice!”

Flyers Nation: Why’d you choose #19?

Hartnell“The #19 looks good on the back of a jersey. A lot of great NHL players have worn number 19-Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman-and they were my idols growing up.”

Flyers Nation: What kind of shampoo do you use?

Hartnell: “That’s a secret!!!!!”

Flyers Nation: What was your favorite moment playing in Philadelphia so far?

Hartnell: “My favorite moment of the Flyers was definitely our playoff run in 2010. The whole city was behind us, everyone was watching, it was just a great time in my life.”

Flyers Nation: What do you do all day now that there’s a lockout?

Hartnell: “Work out, skate, golf. Repeat.”

Flyers Nation: What does it mean to be a Philadelphia Flyer?

Hartnell: “There is so much pride being a Philadelphia Flyer. The people that have played before me, the two Stanley Cups in the 70s, and just the organization itself, it’s one of the best in the NHL.”

Flyers Nation: Are you ever going to cut your hair again?

Hartnell: “I really haven’t thought that far ahead.”

Flyers Nation: Is there a particular team you dislike the most in the NHL and why?

Hartnell: “Well, it would be either be the Pittsburgh Penguins or the New York Rangers. Just being in Philadelphia you learn to hate those teams real quick.”

Flyers Nation: Do you think you should be considered as the next captain of the Philadelphia Flyers?

Hartnell: “I think there could be a lot of great captains on our team. We’re just hoping that Chris Pronger, our current Captain, comes back soon.”

Flyers Nation: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Hartnell: “Cam Neely from the Boston Bruins. I love that he could score and how physical he was.”

Flyers Nation: How many marriage requests do you get on social media?

Hartnell: “Couple, not too many.” 

Flyers Nation: Do you miss Nashville? 

Hartnell: I love the city of Nashville. The fans are awesome and the city was great!! It was a great place to start my hockey career, and I thank them for that.”

Flyers Nation: Do you have a favorite fight you were involved in on the ice?

Hartnell: “Verse Avery at home, fans loved it.”

 Flyers Nation: You played in Vålerenga during the last lockout, do you have any favorite experiences or moments from that?

Hartnell: “Our team won the championship there that year. That really was a cool experience, something I want to do in the NHL, to win a Stanley Cup.” 

Flyers Nation: How big’s the lockout beard?

Hartnell: “The lockout beard’s going strong. About 50 days and counting.”

Flyers Nation: “How did it feel finally being in the spotlight, getting to play on a line with Giroux and Jagr, and playing in the All Star Game?”

Hartnell: “Playing with both of them was an experience I’ll never forget. They both are incredible players and will never forget the experience and the All-Star game was real special.  I had all my family there. Just enjoyed the whole weekend playing with the best players in the world.”


Thanks to Scott Hartnell’s agent Dean Grillo for letting this happen and thanks to Scott for answering some of the questions our followers and likes asked. 

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