Ron Hextall wants a movie made about Kimmo Timonen

Updated: June 23, 2015 at 3:49 pm by Brady Trettenero

According to a report from Sam Carchidi of, Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall thinks a movie should be made about defenseman Kimmo Timonen.

“I was sitting there after the game thinking they should make a movie. Seriously,” Hextall said Friday during a press conference focusing on the looming NHL draft. “Here’s this little guy who (some thought) couldn’t play in the league years ago. We all forget about that. To see him have the the career he had at that size points to his stubbornness, and I say that with the utmost respect.”

Timonen, who was traded by Hextall to the Blackhawks in late-February, missed most of the season because of blood clots. He returned late in the season and finished his 16-year career with his first Stanley Cup.

“To battle and battle, and last summer what he went through, and thinking probably he wouldn’t play” is amazing, Hextall said. “And it took a lot of courage to come into my office, too, and say ‘I want to go for one last shot.’  Even if you go somewhere, what are your chances of winning? Really? You’re going to move away from your family for three months, and you’re going to go to a team where you don’t know anybody, and you’re going to try to win a Stanley Cup. And you haven’t played in eight months. There’s a lot of courage there.”

During Timonen’s rehab, Hextall said, the defenseman was “in the gym five days a week, and I don’t know if you guys have ever been through rehab before, but five or six or eight months of rehab is like getting a tooth pulled every day. So to see him go through all that and end up with the Cup over his head… that was special.”

Timonen said he will meet with Hextall about a job in the Flyers’ organization. Asked if he had a position for Timonen, Hextall said, “He’s got to want to work. This isn’t your two hours of playing hockey anymore. But we’ll sit down and have a discussion and see where he’s at. Certainly if he wants to work here, there will be something there for him.”

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