Which NHL team owns New Jersey?

Updated: June 4, 2015 at 12:52 pm by Sean Cobourn

NJ.com is attempting to map out the NHL fandom boundaries of New Jersey between the Devils, Rangers, and Flyers.

To give us a starting point, I asked NJ Advance Media Reporter Rich Chere for his thoughts on where the fan boundaries lie. He posited that the northern half of the state is a mixture of Rangers and Devils fans, while south of Princeton is comprised primarily of Flyers faithful.

I gave the tie to the home team up north, with the exception of Hudson County, but if you disagree with the assessment, it won’t take long to change. This map will be a reflection of each team’s respective fan bases, so vote early and vote often.

To vote, fill out the survey in the article by picking a county, a town, and where your NHL affiliation stands.

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